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21Sep 2015

5 UX tips for Rich user experience in your Mobile App

Mobile UX

It is no surprise that today, mobile users are doing more on mobile than on desktops. This calls for a committed focus specifically on the mobile user rather than a desktop user. However, developers who make the transition from desktops to mobile to cater this segment often make the mistake of treating the UI/UX of mobile similar to desktops. It is essential to understand that screen size, form factor, hardware limitations, internet connectivity, native apps, user attention span, and UI control limitations, play out totally differently from a traditional desktop application. Let’s explore what is UX and then check out a few handy tips to elevate your UX and brand experience on the mobile.

The mobile user experience (UX) defines the end user’s feelings and perception about an app, before, during and after they have interacted with the app (and your brand presence). Good UX is what separates the brilliant apps from the average ones. Good UX is what allows emerging players to compete better with bigger giants with a compelling mobile app.

Here are 5 practical tips for anyone looking to integrate a successful mobile experience into their applications:

  1. Using tap regions wisely

You need to enable the user to complete an action in 3 taps or less. It is critical to understand this formula because which each tap, screen is changing, bandwidth is being consumed and more time spent to complete an action. When we know that competition business is just one tap away for the user, the 3-tap rule becomes all the more critical and relevant.

  1. Make navigation easy to understand

For any strong app, the first thing is to consider the best use of available and limited screen space. Hence content and navigation should be evenly balanced on the screen. Putting up hotspots on menu launcher screen of most popular items or products will help you in this regard. You can use Google Analytics to understand most visited or popular areas (essential topics, most visited categories etc.). These can be put up on the hotspots. Using bigger hotspot will also bring down erroneous page load due to incorrect finger taps.

  1. Do not expect the user to use their imagination

As already suggested, the modern mobile user has less time to think. There’s a lot to be done and multitasking has become the key to living. With mobile UX too, interfaces and designs need to be simple, minimalistic, and convenient. Designing a complicated app will lose your user to competition.

  1. Use standards – think twice before you deviate

Always prioritize your features by making them the focus point of your application. Though uniqueness of application can win you the battle, there are some set standards rules to follow when creating the UX. Ensure that all the fundamental features are well optimized for the mobile device. It’s good to have a bright and bold looking interface but it shouldn’t be at the cost of ease of use and faster action.

  1. Use Human Interface guidelines wisely

Ultimately, UX is meant for actual people like you and me. There is little room for flabby feature sets and layouts. Statistics says that 80% of users (of any application) will be using just 20% of the functionality. Human interface guidelines will help you create a better-targeted app.

Do write in to us and let us know which of these points dictate the UX design protocols within your company.

24Aug 2015

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14Aug 2015

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17Jul 2015

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09Jul 2015

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19May 2015

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31Mar 2015

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20Mar 2015

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26Dec 2014

5 key SEO considerations for 2015

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01Dec 2014

Write meaningful Hashtags for social media

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