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06Aug 2014

How to find UDID of an iOS device instantly?

Find UDID in your iPhone or in iPad easily

App Developers require the UDID (Unique Device IDentifier) from their clients or team members in order to allow them to test the app in their devices. UDID is the Apple way of authorizing a device to install apps out of iTunes. This is required to development teams especially when multiple team members like to test the apps in their approved devices.

In order to approve a device to run an app, we need UDID.

Now, After iOS 7 Apple is not allowing  UDID to be accessed with all public APIs.

The quickest way to locate your UDID is by opening the website in your Safari iOS browser. With your quick acceptance for  installing  the OTA certificate, in no time you can see the DID, IMEI, and also the Serial Number of your iOS device  appearing within your browser window – Its just two clicks away. You can also scan  this QR code to locate the site.

QR Code to get UDID

But as a Mobile developer who repeatedly work on several apps, I know you would like to make your own app and distribute it among your devices. There is a detailed set of instruction at Stackoverflow.

23Jun 2014

What experts say about Responsive Web Design and why?

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03Jun 2014

A superfast intro to iOS8 Developer SDK and How to start?

What is new in iOS 8 for Developers? 4000 new APIs and new ways to code for whole new set of smart apps.
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29May 2014

7 worst SEO Mistakes and how to avoid them

This blog discusses about the worst mistakes any SEO professional should avoid.
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20May 2014

10 Programming Taboos You Should Break… Immediately

Programmers make mistakes, They make it as a bad habit when they do not learn from the mistakes.
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15Apr 2014

HTTP error codes 404 vs 410 and how Google treats them. Matt cutt explains.

SEOs need to learn http error codes. In this video Google's Matt cutts explains ht Google crawler treats error codes 404 and 410.
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08Apr 2014

10 Photoshop plugins to make your UI design life easy

In this blog we discuss 10 hand-picked Photoshop tools that every Photoshop designer would like to use, Just keep their life simple.
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28Mar 2014

How to develop content Marketing strategies for your business and why?

  Can you imagine listening Hideki Matsui (“Godzilla”) crushing baseball in a Radio/Audio or would you rather like to watch it in TV? Likewise, creating an online presence without right content is like watching television muted or like listening it as commentary in Radio. You cannot taste the real flavor. Great content always add flavor to your brand and Google loves it too. Your content could be in multiple format – text, graphics, video or Audio, and marketing your content in multiple channels is the challenge in front of any online entity. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a branch in marketing ...
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06Mar 2014

Matt Cutts explains Percolator, Dremel and Pregel

This is an unusual question even to Matt Cutts and not much related to SEO. But still interesting to learn whats happening behind the search giant. In this Video Matt discusses about some (internal) propriety  tools that are in Google’s research labs and infrastructure that helps to run them. The question is actually not going to impact on your SEO skills, But will give you a vague idea of database  indexing related. 1. Percolator – Incremental indexing tool for quicker and efficient way of fast indexing rather than batch indexing. The publication from Research att Google says that it is “Updating an ...
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27Feb 2014

How to build your Request for Quotes to choose your web developer – 10 professional practices

Owning a web-based business is becoming more and more attractive (and easy!) as opposed to owning a conventional “offline” business. One of the first questions that a person has once they have an idea for starting an online business is, “How much money do I have to invest to start my online business?” Immediately after they get an idea, they start sending emails to web development companies to gather quotes for the development of their business idea. Where do a large number of people get their business idea from? Surprisingly, many get their ideas by looking at large-scale web-based businesses ...
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