Social Media Marketing for your business – Why bother?

Social Media Marketing

A great weapon to your upcoming digital marketing campaign arsenal is incomplete without factoring in Social Media. Though there are great tools, approaches, and methodologies to aid in increasing your brand visibility over the online space, very few come close to matching the unbeatable edge provided by Social Media management.

As internet marketing specialists look to tweak their 2016 strategies for online marketing, they have very good reasons to provide prominence to social media as an important ploy to gain more quality leads, build better buzz around their brand, and drive amazing conversion not available with other digital marketing tactics. Here are some compelling reasons why you simply cannot avoid social media as we step into 2016 –

  1. Social Media to propel Search Engine Rankings – SEO remains the core of many internet marketing strategies. However it will be perilous to ignore social media simply because of the billions of people logged on to these platforms (almost 95%-98% of which are still untapped for your business). If utilized appropriately, the kind of targeted web traffic and high quality leads propagated by social media remains unparalleled.

What won’t work – Creating scores of accounts on social media to create incorrect buzz. Naah! Too bad a social media strategy.

What will work – Get a dedicated social presence on known social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitters, Google+ However make sure not to confuse readers by creating multiple profiles for your brand.

  1. Amplify lead generation through social media – Social media has been a universal favorite when prospecting for new business leads.

What won’t work – Merely having “likes” on your business page on social media won’t cut it in today’s times. You need to prompt users to leave more information behind so that you can contact them and induce them further down the sales funnel

What will work – Some interesting ways in which you can gain more with your social media can be found here.

Whatever tactic you might adopt – two things are absolutely essential:

  • Convey a clear message that resonates with your brand personality
  • Have a solid call-to-action provided to enable readers to know what to do next
  1. Enhance your brand presence – One of the best ways to attach immense value to your brand is to get social media influencers to interact with it. However if you feel that Reid Hoffman, Guy Kawasaki or Neil Patel won’t be able to take time out for your emerging brand, then do not worry. There are other ways to improve your brand presence over the social media.

Get a consistent brand look, feel and culture across multiple social media platforms for greater success in brand improvement over social media. This will also help accelerate your related opportunities on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter            (lead generation, post-sales support, reply to reviews, etc.)

  1. Boost customer support online – Orders delayed or incorrect orders delivered always make for bad e-commerce transaction. But what exacerbates the issue is the fact that the aggrieved user takes to social media to vent his/her ire. The result – Your brand reliability suffers a spiraling downfall, real quick. Bad customer servicing may happen because of multiple touchpoints, but bad handling of an angry customer on social media is entirely up to you. So you need to swoop down fast, and placate the customer so that the negative vibes don’t spread out. Below is a case in point for Zappos (unarguably one of the smartest companies to manage their online reputations). They straight away offered a $50 discount coupon to make up for the bad customer servicing. A small but impactful gesture in winning the customer’s trust back.


Growth of Social Media in Real Time

When we think of advances in communication; the postal system, the telephone, it could be argued that social media is just as important. This fine tuning of the web coupled with widespread use of smart mobile devices has allowed people from all over the world to easily connect with each other. 74% of all internet using adults logon to social media platforms according to the Pew Research Center. Astoundingly 70% of the world’s population reportedly logged on to Facebook on August 24, 2015. That is a historic moment in time!

To help put the impact of social media in to perspective, a new infographic has been released that focuses on the top 9 social sites.

Lots of people have crunched the numbers over the years to reveal how many people use such sites, but when they’re growing every single day the sheer scale is not really captured. Instead the Social Media in Real Time counter visually displays the ongoing growth of social media from the second you load the page.

Platforms covered include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. As every second goes by key indicators from all of these sites continually rise, based on the latest averages.

To give an example, in just 3 minutes and 15 seconds, 100 new people began using Twitter, 80 of those were doing so through a mobile device, the users searched Twitter 4.7 million times, and over 1.12 million individual Tweets were made. In just an hour the sheer amount of communications made is mind boggling.

Of course social media users are bombarded with data everyday. We know how many friends we have, how many people liked our posts; it’s a big popularity contest and in some ways we obsess over it. Celebrities are therefore obviously leading the race, while some people become celebrities through their success on social media itself. The real-time counter hones in on some traditional stars to illustrate just how much reach they have.

In just 6 minutes and 45 seconds, pop icon Katy Perry amassed a further 182 Twitter followers. That’s more than the average person will ever gain in one month. Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo gained a further 76 Facebook fans. And singer Adele’s new single “Hello” got another 93,555 views on YouTube, which is currently the most successful song in the video sharing site’s entire history.

Looking at such numbers it’s hard to ignore the impact that this is having on our global society. Whether it’s positive or not is up for debate. You could argue that by coming together culture ends up becoming one giant mundane melting pot. But you could also argue that it speeds up the development of nations, particularly those who have not necessarily been exposed to progressive ideas. Everyone has the ability to express themselves, and the world has the ability to respond.

We might also consider how the role of traditional media is becoming obsolete. It used to be that if a major event took place, such as a war, we would have to rely on politicians and professional news networks (possibly with agendas) to gather and present the information to us. Today those in the war zone itself are giving us their perspective immediately on Twitter. In fact because social media is such an effective communication method, it has been integral to the organization of revolutions and political movements themselves.

The list of discussion points is endless. Is social media an invasion of privacy? Is it making people less social in face to face environments? Has it made political correctness go to far?

Whatever the impact and whatever the future brings, social media plays a gigantic role in our lives. The numbers don’t lie.


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Importance of META Description in SEO

META Description

When you are trying to fine-tune the on-page SEO measures for your website, there are a number of things that you need to address. All these different on-page SEO elements combine to decide the fate of your website in the long term when it comes to search engine crawl-ability, and every detail needs to be meticulously checked and accounted for. Meta Description tags are sometimes neglected by site owners, but these tags are especially important if you want your website to be effective .

When you search for something in Google, the results are formatted to first show you the page title or TITLE tag, and then a short description of what to expect at that particular link. This is the Meta Description tag and its importance is obvious – it gives you a chance to tell visitors in a little more detail than is possible in a short TITLE tag the intent and purpose of your web page, and what they can expect to find there. Having a well-written Meta Description tag can clinch the issue for your favor, drawing the interest of visitors and convincing them to enter your website.

Some Finer Points
Meta Description tags can be difficult to craft to perfection, but since their importance towards SEO and conversion is significant, here are a few points you might want to consider before starting to develop them.

  • Meta Description tags are a great way of telling your audience about your website in a nutshell, which is something you cannot do within the 65-70 characters you get for your title. Ideally, descriptions can be in the vicinity of 155 characters, giving you a bit more room to talk about your website.
  • The tag is supposed to be a concise description of the functioning of the particular webpage it points to, and should be reader-friendly and engaging to really ensure effectiveness.
  • The Meta Description tag was once used as one of the factors that influence search rankings. Over time, most major search engines have stopped considering this tag as a ranking factor.
  • While not a ranking factor, your Description tag should still contain some relevant keywords that you want to rank for. Although not a direct influence towards ranking, the presence of these keywords can bolster their use in the overall page content, and can help establish relevance better.
  • A Must-Have for Better Conversions
    If you are disappointed to know that Meta Description tags will not do much for your ranking, they are nevertheless very important if you want conversions. While your listing appears on search engine result pages, many human users who get interested by your page title take the time to skim through your site description, and it is often that which decides if they go on to visit your page or not. A properly written Description tag can help bring a lot more people to your website, and contribute towards its general success. For this reason, it pays to pay attention to your Meta Description tags.
  • Do write in to us in case you need to get your on page SEO to appeal to the search engines. We at Macronimous will be happy to help.

5 UX tips for Rich user experience in your Mobile App

Mobile UX

It is no surprise that today, mobile users are doing more on mobile than on desktops. This calls for a committed focus specifically on the mobile user rather than a desktop user. However, developers who make the transition from desktops to mobile to cater this segment often make the mistake of treating the UI/UX of mobile similar to desktops. It is essential to understand that screen size, form factor, hardware limitations, internet connectivity, native apps, user attention span, and UI control limitations, play out totally differently from a traditional desktop application. Let’s explore what is UX and then check out a few handy tips to elevate your UX and brand experience on the mobile.

The mobile user experience (UX) defines the end user’s feelings and perception about an app, before, during and after they have interacted with the app (and your brand presence). Good UX is what separates the brilliant apps from the average ones. Good UX is what allows emerging players to compete better with bigger giants with a compelling mobile app.

Here are 5 practical tips for anyone looking to integrate a successful mobile experience into their applications:

  1. Using tap regions wisely

You need to enable the user to complete an action in 3 taps or less. It is critical to understand this formula because which each tap, screen is changing, bandwidth is being consumed and more time spent to complete an action. When we know that competition business is just one tap away for the user, the 3-tap rule becomes all the more critical and relevant.

  1. Make navigation easy to understand

For any strong app, the first thing is to consider the best use of available and limited screen space. Hence content and navigation should be evenly balanced on the screen. Putting up hotspots on menu launcher screen of most popular items or products will help you in this regard. You can use Google Analytics to understand most visited or popular areas (essential topics, most visited categories etc.). These can be put up on the hotspots. Using bigger hotspot will also bring down erroneous page load due to incorrect finger taps.

  1. Do not expect the user to use their imagination

As already suggested, the modern mobile user has less time to think. There’s a lot to be done and multitasking has become the key to living. With mobile UX too, interfaces and designs need to be simple, minimalistic, and convenient. Designing a complicated app will lose your user to competition.

  1. Use standards – think twice before you deviate

Always prioritize your features by making them the focus point of your application. Though uniqueness of application can win you the battle, there are some set standards rules to follow when creating the UX. Ensure that all the fundamental features are well optimized for the mobile device. It’s good to have a bright and bold looking interface but it shouldn’t be at the cost of ease of use and faster action.

  1. Use Human Interface guidelines wisely

Ultimately, UX is meant for actual people like you and me. There is little room for flabby feature sets and layouts. Statistics says that 80% of users (of any application) will be using just 20% of the functionality. Human interface guidelines will help you create a better-targeted app.

Do write in to us and let us know which of these points dictate the UX design protocols within your company.

6 Mobile Application Analytics to Track the Usage of your Mobile App

Mobile App Analytics

In today’s world, developing the perfect mobile app is not enough. You need to have the right measures in place so that you can track the progress of your app post release, make necessary decisions about follow-ups and updates, and remain informed about how well your app is doing in the market. Here are six great analytics tools you can use to keep a handle on the usage of your mobile app –



A paid analytics platform that is packed with features and used by many big names in the business, Localytics gives you a neat workspace where you can look at usage broken down by location, device type, carrier and even app version. Extra features include funnels, A/B testing, value tracking and support for in-app and push messaging for maximum penetration. The service works with all major mobile platforms and support native, hybrid and web-based apps.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

Formerly known as Flurry, this popular analytics platform is free and offers rudimentary analytics. You get detailed information on user acquisition, including data on demographics, audience persona, retention, session length and active users. While the service does not provide real-time analytics, the simple, clean and easy to use user interface has brought the service a large following over the years. The fact that it is a free tool adds further to its appeal.



Bringing you all the analytics data you need under one head, Liquid makes tracking your app usage a lot easier by offering multiple filtering and sorting options while also allowing you to keep a handle on user interactions and patterns of navigation. You can also use this service to send tailored push notifications and identify key areas in your target audience where you can convert more leads through promotions.

An excellent, feature-rich analytics tool for mobile apps which can be tailored to fit your particular needs. The intuitive interface gives you access to insight about important business areas like acquisition, revenue metrics and engagement. The in-built tunnel analysis feature lets you find new ways to improve the performance of your app. You can look at daily or weekly revisit rates to get a handle on user behavior patterns. There is also an intelligent cohort analyzer which predicts user investment into your app over time.


A powerful, new-age tool that gives you the option of classifying your user base intelligently into various pre-configured types according to their mobile activity. The system takes into account diverse factors like social habits, purchasing decisions and interest to create detailed profiles about users, enabling you to market your app in a more targeted fashion. Apart from this, there are the usual features like locations, age-wise break-up and funnels.
An advanced analytics tool, brings to you some very elaborate app analytics features. One of the most interesting features is screen recording, which lets you clearly see app interactions in the exact fashion like they occur. With detailed analytics, segmentation, crash reporting and push notification, this is a comprehensive analytics solution that can be of major help with tweaking and fine-tuning your app promotions and features.

With these utilities, it is possible for you to have an advantage when it comes to making your app better, more accessible and more attractive to your target market. Using these tools, you can constantly keep fine-tuning your strategies and plans and come up with new ideas to make the most of the immense potential that the huge mobile market has to offer. If you want to engage better with your target audience through your mobile app, use one of these tools and get measurable insights on your app’s performance.


Leverage the power of iBeacon in your iOS apps

iBeacon App development with iOS

iBeacon is a technology by Apple that helps Businesses engage more effectively with potential customers on real-world.

Let us imagine a scenario:
I am a passionate canvas painting artist and a businessman. I have a shop named “Picasa” in the local mall. I have a collection of great paintings from some of the best artists across the world. I look out constantly to have a better and more effective engagement with my prospects and customers and delight them.

The following ways are what I would come up with:

  • When a prospect enters the premises of the mall, I would like to engage with him by saying “Wall Hangings upto 50% off, Check out at Picasa, 203, Level 2, Phoenix Mall
  • When a prospect is outside my shop, looking at the paintings on the display, I would like to engage with him by saying “Hello Chris, how are you doing today? May I show you some of the best pieces of art that I have
  • When a prospect is inside my shop and looks at my exclusive spotlight painting – I would like to engage with him by saying “Do you know the history of this painting
  • When a prospect selects a painting and at the Point of Sale, I would like to engage with him by saying “Would you like to buy these accessories that is on sale today
  • When a customer moves out through the exit – I would like to engage with him by saying “Thank you, Have a nice day!!”

By now, it is obvious that the level of engagement is limited by my creativity, though the possibilities are numerous.

How iBeacon makes the difference?
iBeacon utilizes the Bluetooth low energy technology to establish a seamless connection with your Customer’s smartphone. Indoor positioning and iBeacon compliment each other to provide more accurate and efficient location awareness indoor when compared to any other technologies out there like GPS, Cellular triangulation, or wifi. iBeacons can tell the application whether the Customer has entered its region, far zone, near zone or is in the immediate zone.

The beacons are available as Small sticker tags powered by coin size battery that can broadcast the signals to the smartphones. You can stick these iBeacons to the walls or to objects.

Create contexts around the messages and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. This is the key success criterion. However, if this fails the customer is annoyed and if it succeeds the customers are delighted.

Using the customers’ location awareness your iPhone/ iPad apps can have a rich digital interaction in the form of location based marketing campaigns, enabling contact-less payments, and performing customer in-shop analytics. Domains including retail, healthcare, logistics, fitness centers, event venues, museums, and many more are utilizing this technology.

iBeacon has the capability to ensure a reliable and consistent experience for customers. For more information about deploying devices read Getting Started with iBeacon .

Give your iPhone and iPad apps the power of Location Awareness with iBeacons and delight your customers. Good Luck!!

For further reading:

1. BEACONS: What They Are, How They Work, And Why They’re Important

2. Over 100 use cases and examples for iBeacon technology

3. Like to get your iBeacon app done for your business? We at Macronimous can help.


Astonishingly Profitable Marketing Strategies for Your Mobile App

Mobile App marketing

As a mobile developer you should be hearing these kind of of vibrant stats each day:

  • Mobile internet has now overtaken fixed internet access!
  • Mobile ad spending accounts for almost half of total digital ad spending in 2015!

If you are a mobile app development agency then these stats are a treat for sore eyes.

But wait!

Given the massive penetration of mobile into our everyday lives, certainly there has to be a method to this madness of crazy revenue generation opportunities presented by mobility in general and smartphones in particular.

We call this ‘method’ – Mobile App Marketing. OR Marketing your Mobile app.

Is Mobile App Marketing needed?

You believe your app deserves users. Users would love your app. But you should make it visible in the audience. There’s a coordinated and uniform omni-channel effort needed before and after you have successfully developed your app.

How else will you ensure that millions of smartphone users know that you have come up with a new app?

How else will you ensure that you stand apart from a million other apps all vying for the users’ attention?

Mobile app Marketing helps you ensure this. Got you hooked? Well, read on.

Step by step strategy

The below outlines the various stages of app development and deployment and what works well at that stage.

A. Pre launch

Many might not know, but the mobile app marketing process starts well before your app is released on the app store i.e. during the development stage itself. Getting to know your intended audience, knowing how they can discover you, is the first step that lays a strong foundation for the success of your app. The below are a few steps that helps you out here

  1. App store optimization (ASO)
    1. Your app either has to be a pioneer or re-hash an existing app but with solid new features/ functionalizes that appeal to the users to download it. In the absence of either of these, it is very difficult to catch the user’s short attention span.
    2. Pick and select the right keywords with help of tools such as this one from MobileDevHQ. This helps user understand what your app does and thus have a greater chance of connecting with the right type of users.
    3. Get a good name finalized for the app.
    4. Finalize which category of app store your app will feature in, and make sure you get it right.
    5. Do a competitor analysis to know what makes the successful ones (lots of 5-star ratings and lots of positive reviews) tick on the app store. Know about what keywords or feature sets appeal to the target audience.
    6. Your app icon matters. Don’t just get it designed as an afterthought but put effort to ensure that the icon resonates with the app’s feature/ functionality or theme.
    7. Put up enthralling screenshots that users simply can’t get their eyes off.

Check out why ASO is important and basics on ASO.

          2. User oriented strategy

  1. Create a buzz in the social media with a ‘coming soon’ experience within a landing page, peppered with trivia about why the app just cannot be ignored.
  2. Collect a beta test group to do a meticulous testing before its release.
  3. Ensure a smooth and seamless UI/UX experience for the user.
  4. Social media integration is essential so that users can share it once they start using it.

Appolicious Advisor Alex Ahlund says that the average app development cost comes to $6400+. Imagine if you don’t make sufficient provision beforehand for enhancing the app’s visibility. What you will have is a great app, but no takers for it. Thus, it becomes important to take time out in the development phase itself to focus on marketing.

B. Post launch

Congratulations! Months of labor has finally paid off with the release of your much beloved app.

But wait… there’s still much to be done for its marketing, as shown below.

Here we divide our energies into two phases – organic marketing and paid marketing.

  • 1. Organic Marketing – Get free traction on your promotional efforts with these tips –
  • First of all sign up for an app analysis tools such as MobileDevHQ (our favorite) or AppAnnie. This helps you to monitor your app’s performance on the app store across multiple parameters.
  • Reach out to influential media channels (tech site, review sites, online news media). Their coverage will drive a significant amount of traffic to the app store comprising of visitors curious about your app.
  • Going viral on social media is one of the easiest ways to gain a burst of traffic to your app. Two ways to drive this are
    • Provide social sharing buttons prominently to allow users to share the app
    • Increase the shareability of the content within the app
  • Ask for users to review and provide ratings. The more 4 or 5 star ratings, the more are the chances of further downloads. However the trick here is to be subtle without being overbearing. Take the example of Move the Box app. When you run out of tokens in this game, you need to rate the app in order to gain more tokens, a pretty neat way of getting ratings!
  • Optimize the app based on reviews, opinions, thoughts, and feedback from initial set of users.

2. Paid Marketing – Put in efforts to get bursts of paid traffic with help of paid marketing. Some steps are as below –

  • Get your app marketing performance monitoring up and running with help of Tune. This lets you know the revenue performance of different marketing platforms such as TapJoy and Millennial Media.
  • Run bursts of paid ad campaign to move quickly to ‘Top’ of the charts. Here you will see an increase in the volume of downloads, reviews and ratings which will propel it still higher to the charts. Now cool down on the ad spend and let organic marketing do its trick. This tip not only helps you optimize your overall ad spend but also helps continue the cycle of organic growth of the app.

3. General marketing tips

  • Set up a professional review mechanism by signing up on app review websites to receive unbiased feedback from critics. Ensure that the feedback comes directly to you rather than being published on the App Store.
  • Have a strong plan in place to respond in near real time to optimize the app based on their reviews and feedback.
  • Set up a chain of motion on the social media to build buzz around your intended audience. Keeping users engaged daily helps keep the interest level higher for longer
  • Keep an eye on app monetization and aim to optimize it periodically. Read here on how to choose the right app monetization gameplan
  • Whatever you do, read warning from Apple for developers who try to game the ranking systems. Once you have read, it steer clear of all the ways and means that can negatively impact your app ranking.

To wrap up
Mobile and mobile apps have provided the definitive watershed moment in the technology ecosystem. As an app developer, you need to use all the channels as possible while executing a consistent and coherent marketing campaign. This guide will serve you well to get the max out of your mobile app marketing efforts and ensure greater visibility for your app in the saturated app store of today’s times.

Write in to us and let us know a bit about your mobile marketing strategy.

Great WordPress Plugins for every WordPress website (2015)

WordPress plugins

(Note: This blog was originally written 3 years ago, and we decided to update them once in a year from now on. I know there are people who hate plugins and there are another set, who love to explore plugins. )

WordPress is undeniably one of the most sought-after platforms for bloggers. It is enriched with loads of user-friendly and feature-rich applications that are second to none. Every user loves WordPress for its uniqueness, inclusiveness, and extendibility. Being an excellent open source community, it serves as a gateway for millions of bloggers and readers to share their knowledge and thoughts on a range of informative topics.

WordPress Plugins add more functionality and performance-boosting features to your WordPress powered blogs and keep readers glued to your content. Are you on the lookout for the most attractive WordPress Plugins? With thousands of plugins available, it can be so difficult and time-consuming to find a few good ones. Given below is a great compilation of 20 most impressive WordPress Plugins you should incorporate in your blogs to give your visitors an engaging blogging experience. Read on and check them out!

Better WP Security 

Your search for the most secured WordPress Plugin should end with Better WP Security. This first-rate plugin incorporates the finest WordPress security features and applications, thereby ensuring that even the most minute security loopholes in your blog site are patched up proficiently. It also detects hidden 404 page errors that can otherwise dent your SEO efforts and cause missing images, broken links and much more damage. With the one-click activation feature for most of its applications, this should be one plugin that you should integrate your WordPress powered blogs with.

Securing your WP Blog or Website is not a one time activity. It should be a part of maintaining them. Read how to convince your clients explaining the need for a WP site maintenance.

Yoast WordPress SEO 

If you are looking for an all-encompassing SEO WordPress Plugin then this is the right plugin for you. This comprehensive plugin includes snippet preview, image titles, page analysis functionalities, Meta descriptions, XML sitemaps with a string of optimization options at various stages of your streamlining processes. Hence, this plugin is a strong recommendation if you want to optimize your web pages and make it more all the more appealing for users.

Why Yoast? Why not some other plugin? Check the discussion from WP Beginner.


Monitoring all the comments on your blogs can be really time-consuming. And failing to detect spam content might attract your site a heavy penalty from search engines. Your restless search for a spam-free WordPress Plugin should end with Akismet. Just install this plugin and bid adieu to spammers. The latest version of Akismet highlights the links to make it so easy to distinguish between a good link and a broken or bad link. Available free for personal use, Akismet can be installed by default provided you have a WordPress API key.

Are there any FREE alternates to Akismat? Yes. Check this 5 from Wp Dev Shed.

Google Analytics for WordPress 

This top-notch WordPress Plugin from Google lets you track a huge amount of metadata on your site ranging from page views and category views by different visitors to 404 errors and a whole lot of other productive stuff at various stages of your optimization process. Besides empowering you to specify the required data for your site using custom variables, it also enables you to track a range of user activities including clicks per link, downloads per link, and much more.

WP Super Cache 

Page loading speed matters a lot for visitors. They aren’t going to think twice to leave a slow loading web page. WP Super Cache is a super-fast catching WordPress Plugin to speed up your web pages. It generates static html files of your blogs and speeds up the page loading time by several times while reducing the bandwidth considerably. If you want to give your users a faster blogging experience then this is the right plugin for you.

But, How this works? There is a discussion here that explains how WP Super Cache works.

FD Feedburner 

This plugin efficiently redirects the main feed and the comments feed to By using this plugin you don’t have to modify templates , .htaccess files or configure hidden feeds. This plugin seamlessly integrates all existing feeds and makes it transparent to the users. Just feed this plugin with your Feedburner URL and you are done!


Easy-to-use, this is the most elegant mobile WordPress plugin for your website. It transforms your WordPress powered blog site into an enticing application-like theme fully loaded with Ajax submissions providing stunning effects for the users when viewed from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. The application also enables readers to swap effortlessly between the WPtouch and the site’s default theme, giving your readers the perfect mobile blogging experience that they want.

Do you like to learn more about making your WordPress website responsive with few more interesting plugins? SE Journal has a write up which is a must check.


Get massive traffic from social bookmarking sites by integrating this social networking-friendly Widget to your WordPress enabled blog site. It allows readers to share your blogs with over 330 popular services at the click of a button. There can’t any easy way to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg and StumbleUpon. What’s more, this user-friendly plugin also makes it easy to share address bar in modern browsers with a small quick-to-load button.

Looking for an alternate? 1-click Retweet/Share/Like by LinksAlpha is one solution.

WordPress Backup 

As the name itself suggests, this popular WordPress Plugin effectively creates automated backups for your web content. Besides including the additional option of having the backups emailed to you, it is also one of the most easy-to-use plugins that don’t require any set-up installation. It works well on Linux and Windows even in a ‘low memory’ shared environment.

There are plenty of solution for backing up WordPress with plugins that helps to take backup as entire site including plugins, themes and database. All I recommend is to have at least one and make sure it works.

Disqus Comment System 

This is the mother of all comment systems. It efficiently replaces all the comments in your system with Disqus enabled comments thereby giving bloggers an even more engaging experience. Some of the enticing features of this plugin include threaded comments and responses, subscription to RSS feeds, automatic email notifications on the approval status, powerful spam filtering options, and easy-to-moderate admin tools.

Recently we found Disqus has issues in loading, and we decided to write them. They came to help and we found the issue is resolved.

Google Site Verification 

This is a cool plugin which makes it so easy to verify your blog with the world’s most popular search engine- Google, in just a couple of clicks! It relieves you the time-consuming process of copy-pasting tokens. It efficaciously gives you get access to a range of Google services in just a couple of clicks of the button!

This plugin makes the job easier, But you can even do it without this plugin, manually.

Contact Form 7 

With this simple but flexible WordPress Plugin, you can efficiently manage multiple contact forms, and customize the forms and your email contents seamlessly using an easy-to-use markup tool. This user-friendly WordPress plugin supports Ajax submissions and includes CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering and much more!

For a business website the solution that CF 7 offers is a mandatory solution unless you can write your own.

Optional, install them if you love exploring plugins :

WordPress Editorial Calendar 

This blog owner-friendly plugin is very different as it comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to edit your posts conveniently. Don’t worry if you have a post for Monday but couldn’t publish it as you had an extended weekend outing. This impressive plugin allows you to edit, manage and schedule your blog posts at your convenient time. Use the drag and drop menu to schedule your posts and check the status of your blogs when you are back!


Previously available only to WordPresss users, this powerful plugin turbo charges your WordPress enabled blogs with the super power of It generates simple but concise stats adding no extra burden on your server. This impressive plugin lets you add a wealth of media-rich content including popular sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Digg. What’s more, this plugin lets users share and like your blogs on their favorite social bookmarking sites at the click of a button! The Akismet powered contact forms kicks off any spammy content to the trash and keeps your blog completely spam-free.

Page Links To

This funky plugin lets you link your WordPress enabled blog to an external URL (rather than a WordPress URL) of your choice. Ultimately, it redirects users who look for your old URL to the new URL that you have linked. This could be really advantageous particularly when you want to set up easy-to-navigate links to the non-WordPress content of your site or to an external site. With this easy-to-use tool, even a newbie can effortlessly create a handmade menu that links to different posts, pages, categories and anything!

Limit Login Attempts 

Want to halt users multiple login attempts from the same IP or through browser generated cookies? If so, then this is the right plugin for you. As WordPress, by default, allows multiple logins either by means of the same login page or by sending unique cookies, this plugin should be an obvious choice to integrate your WordPress enabled blogs with. It makes it impossible for users to crack your passwords. Available in close to 20 language translations, this fully-customizable plugin expeditiously alerts users on multiple login attempts, retires and lockout page time.

Ultimate Security Checker 

This irresistible plugin identifies any kind of security threat to your WordPress enabled blogs. It effectually scans your blog and generates a reliable security grade based on your blog’s performance in the security test that involves hundreds of crucial issues. Why should you have plugins that aren’t updated for months when you have the Ultimate Security Checker that gets updated regularly? The one-click installation and automatic scanning features certainly saves you a lot of time.

There you go! Each of the aforementioned WordPress Plugins is unique in its own way. It certainly saves a lot of time for blog owners while giving bloggers the most interactive blogging experience that they want! Whether you are a newbie or an experienced blog owner these are some of the most impressive WordPress plugins that you can’t do without! So which is your favorite and why? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section given below.

If you think you have better plugins, evaluated and enjoying please share them in comments. I will include them when we revise this blog the next time.

5 Every day Tools to Power up Your PHP development life cycle

PHP Tools for a programing life cycle

As all PHP developers would vouch, a development project is replete with multiple areas to focus on – at the same time! With constant eye on quality, we also need to put efforts to see that the project is being executed smoothly, is on track amongst all team members, and is following all the deadlines set up with the client company. This makes the life of a PHP developer a tough one.

However not all is lost!

With the advent of seamless collaboration across developers and technological advancements, the online community today provides a lot of tools and techniques to bring down the efforts put on mundane yet critical tasks and instead let you focus on what you love doing best – i.e. programming. Today we present a roundup of some essential tools that PHP developers like you and me would hate to ignore.

Here we go…

  1. Pivotal Tracker (for Project Management) – The agile project management tool has remained a perennial favorite with PHP developers for end to end project management. Ever since its debut in 2008, it has added various exciting features to make the life of a developer easier. It allows seamless micro management, prioritization and workflow management of a project, minus the hassles associated with collaboration and scheduling across teams. From the all-encompassing project view to ‘stories’ that form the building block of the project, it has all this and more.
  2. Eclipse (for development) – All developers need a base workspace in form of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and what better IDE than the leaders themselves?

Yes, we are talking about Eclipse

While the IDE can help in development using a wide variety of programming languages, with the right set of plug-ins, PHP development can turn to a breeze. With amazing extensibility, developing web applications in PHP is simpler and much more fun.

  1. Laravel (Framework for PHP) – A truly modern framework, Laravel has quickly emerged as the favorite framework for PHP developers worldwide

It makes PHP fun to code and easy to work!

Along with Composer Package that is standard with Laravel version 4 onwards, dependency management becomes silk smooth. No need to install an entire framework to use just one of its offerings. Even user authentication becomes easier with Laravel providing a simple, effective and easy to use interface for validating user credentials.

Like to read more about Laravel and more about how we use it in our own development? Check those links you have already come across.

  1. Git (for Version Control) – Trust me, having a team brings up its own set of problems with collaboration and integration. For projects across scale, size and team strength, Git’s open source distributed version control system makes changes across different batches easier to maintain. With Git, distributed, collaborative development of PHP source code. No matter if your team is across different locations or in the same office, your QA and due diligence is now more transparent and secure.
  1. Mantis (for Bug Tracking) – The open source issue tracker is a god send for developers who focus on the quality of the programming code. New developers can get going within minutes of exploring the full featured bug tracking system. In spite of its simplicity it offers amazing versatility and tremendous power. Written in PHP, it supports a range of databases such as MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It not only eliminates bugs but also provides a collaboration and project tracking feature.

The above tools are few, which we use in Macronimous. Find any other tools in your arsenal that makes your life simpler each day with PHP? Do write in to us with your comments and let us know.

Big Decision about Small Screens: Does your Business Need a Mobile App?

Does your business require a Mobile app?

You need an app.


Who hates Mobile phones? 

We have reached a point in time today when there is no denying that the smartphone boom has taken over the world. A large proportion of internet content consumption, browsing and purchases now happens on mobile devices. They also form brand opinion and respond to call to action, based on their mobile usage experience.

Wait. Its not about the phones!

Its not just the Mobile phones, but the Mobile apps that we have in our mobiles phones which make them “Smart” phones.

In such a scenario, businesses have no choice but to consider the option of encapsulating their brand, products and services within a mobile app to maximize their online reach and business potential.

Studies have shown that businesses which have already made the transition are growing at a rapid rate, showing better returns and leveraging their brand image in a more productive way.

OK. You need one:

As a business owner, if you are still wondering whether you should jump into the mobile app bandwagon, here are a few compelling factors and some associated instances which you should consider before making an informed decision about the small screen –

Customer Loyalty – Keeping the customer closer to you and farther from competition

It has been proven time and again that investing in a mobile app does wonders for customer loyalty. For your business, it is important to have long-term customer engagement to get repeat business and to bring down customer acquisition costs. With a mobile app, you have the perfect way to hold the interest of individual customers with personalized service and deploying useful information. These compelling factors can keep the customer hooked for longer durations leading to sales closure eventually. The outcome is a long-term boost for your business as you can concentrate on acquiring new customers and keep a high level of engagement with the existing ones.Kevin-law

Take for instance, if you have legal service business. By getting an app developed, your business and your logo stays permanently on your customers’ mind, thus giving a much higher chance of sales conversion. Here are couple of good examples of how a Mobile app can build a relationship between you are your long term customer.

Kevin law-

HWB Chartered Accountant –


Your Brand in the Mobility Marketplace

Running a business always involves substantial investment in brand building and positioning. Creating brand awareness and ensuring a firm position for your brand in a competitive market can be a difficult task to achieve. With a mobile app, however, you can achieve this quickly and efficiently. There are many different ways in which you can incorporate your branding in mobile app usage experience. As customers keep using your app, the constant brush with your brand will help create brand awareness and with time, this can create the perfect place for your brand in the mobility marketplace.

Cab/Taxi booking apps are some amazing instances that helps promote your Brand’s presence in the customer’s mobile, hence in their mind. Uber is a great example. The app remains in your clients’ pockets and continues drawing their attention to your service offerings 24 X 7.

Taxi4sur Uber

Uber –

Even if you are a small business running locally, an app will help your brand reachable to your customers around the region. Take for instance the local florist app that gives customers immense convenience when they want to order flowers for their loved ones.


Jenny Florist is a good example of how a local small business can take the power of mobility:

Engage your Customer Quickly

Gone are the days of expensive and often laborious marketing campaigns as a means to reach and engage your customers. With a growing user base for mobile devices, you have a mode of communication that enables you to quickly capture the attention of customers and hold it effectively for long durations. Mobile devices are meant for daily intimate use, and present a golden opportunity for you to provide your customers with a value-adding experience, thereby driving engagement and involvement.

Share broking apps are good examples for engaging customer through Mobile. Here is an app, which Kotak (a Bank in India) uses to engage their customers.

Kotak Stock trader:


Another example is – SC Ford, a Ford dealer uses an app to engage with their customers by providing them detailed service history, reminders etc. for their vehicles.

Your Competitors do it too

No matter which niche or area of business you are in, you can be sure that some of the companies you are competing with have already started leveraging the mobile platform for furthering their business interests. The mobile app experience is something that customers enjoy, and having your own app puts you in a position to stay neck and neck with the competition. You can even study the strategy and strong points from your competitors’ efforts, and use the information and insight to your advantage.

You can simply search for your competitors online in the Google Play Store and in iTunes. And then find the type of apps that they provide, assess their development approach. But, try to stay different by giving something unique and different to your customers.

Another Viable Marketing Channel

Having a mobile app puts in in touch with every single customer in an intimate way. You can interact one-on-one and provide relevant information based on user demographics and preferences. This makes the mobile platform a viable and effective marketing channel where you can deploy your marketing efforts in a targeted manner. This approach increases effectiveness and provides you with more bang for your buck when it comes to marketing expenses.

Connect with your Employees with your own App

Many companies are in the process of developing and using mobile apps which focus on their employees. The advantage with mobile apps is that you can simplify and speed up certain aspects of business workflow which are otherwise cumbersome and tedious, and employees can derive great benefit out of this. It also allows your workforce to multitask and stay in touch with each other and the management constantly, improving communication and overall coordination.

Any business can have a mobile app for their employees to facilitate administrative tasks or operations such as login, check their pay, leaves, apply for any privileges, read corporate news, stock details etc. You can keep your employees connected and provide consistent UI/UX experience with simple HR mobile app that extends the convenience of mobility.

So instead of asking “whether your business should join the mobile app bandwagon?”, a correct question would be to ask “when can your business join the mobile app bandwagon?”