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15Apr 2014

HTTP error codes 404 vs 410 and how Google treats them. Matt cutt explains.

In this video Google’s Matt Cutts explains the dffernce between 404 and 410 and how Google’s crawler treats them when it comes across these errors. Both 404 and 410 are HTTP status codes and SEO’s should know what they are and how to use them effectively.

404 is page not found

When a page is not found, web server shows a 404 error and this is bad for SEO. However, You can customize a 404.htm or 404.php and make the page look user friendly. When the user types a wrong URL or opens a page which has been move, 404 error occurs.

Matt says, For 404 Google crawling system will keep trying for next 24 hrs without giving up in the first place.

410 – permanently gone

This http error 410 means the page is its not going to comeback, and its permanently at a dead end.

For 410 Google crawler assumes that its gone and the webmaster knows this already. HOWEVER, Matt says that Google crawler still try again to ensure that it is a 410 and not a 404.

If you like to learn more about the http error codes you should take a look at Moz’s infographic show below:

SEO's Guide to HTTP status code from

SEO’s Guide to HTTP status code Source:

08Apr 2014

10 Photoshop plugins to make your UI design life easy

In this blog we discuss 10 hand-picked Photoshop tools that every Photoshop designer would like to use, Just keep their life simple.
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28Mar 2014

How to develop content Marketing strategies for your business and why?

  Can you imagine listening Hideki Matsui (“Godzilla”) crushing baseball in a Radio/Audio or would you rather like to watch it in TV? Likewise, creating an online presence without right content is like watching television muted or like listening it as commentary in Radio. You cannot taste the real flavor. Great content always add flavor to your brand and Google loves it too. Your content could be in multiple format – text, graphics, video or Audio, and marketing your content in multiple channels is the challenge in front of any online entity. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a branch in marketing ...
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06Mar 2014

Matt Cutts explains Percolator, Dremel and Pregel

This is an unusual question even to Matt Cutts and not much related to SEO. But still interesting to learn whats happening behind the search giant. In this Video Matt discusses about some (internal) propriety  tools that are in Google’s research labs and infrastructure that helps to run them. The question is actually not going to impact on your SEO skills, But will give you a vague idea of database  indexing related. 1. Percolator – Incremental indexing tool for quicker and efficient way of fast indexing rather than batch indexing. The publication from Research att Google says that it is “Updating an ...
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27Feb 2014

How to build your Request for Quotes to choose your web developer – 10 professional practices

Owning a web-based business is becoming more and more attractive (and easy!) as opposed to owning a conventional “offline” business. One of the first questions that a person has once they have an idea for starting an online business is, “How much money do I have to invest to start my online business?” Immediately after they get an idea, they start sending emails to web development companies to gather quotes for the development of their business idea. Where do a large number of people get their business idea from? Surprisingly, many get their ideas by looking at large-scale web-based businesses ...
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20Jan 2014

How to get more readers to your blog post?

How to get more readers to your blog post? - by Chronic Writer Ten years ago, there were only a handful of bloggers in the blog vile. People who had a good command of English had a blog of their own. But today, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog. Yes! Everyone and their brothers are blogging now irrespective of whether they have readers or not. Some of you might try to write everything under the Sun.But, have you gone through the phase where your blog posts do not even get 50 hits? You might have thought what went wrong and ...
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08Jan 2014

How to keep up with Web technology? Overcoming the challenges with learning

It is a challenge for the Web developers always, since they need to read, practice and deliver all the time. You may say life if full of learning, and everyone has to learn. But, what you learn today becomes out dated within a year, or sometimes even within few months in web technology and this becomes a real challenge. In this Presentation Chris Coyier is trying to arrive for a decent answer. We thought it should be shared in our blog too.   You can see Chris shared some useful links at the end, unfortunately, they aren’t clickable. But Don’t worry, we have ...
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04Jan 2014

How to find the Right Social Media Platform for your business?

Finding the Right Social Media Platform that Works Best for Your Business content marketing By now, you are probably well aware of social media and just how imperative it is for digital content marketing. You may fall anywhere on the spectrum of social media know-how, ranging from novice to internet marketing guru. No matter what your expertise is, the success and return on investment from marketing is contingent upon how well you leverage (and know) your resources beforehand. Many business owners or their content marketing agencies start posting content on every possible Social Media platforms they know and like, and at ...
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26Dec 2013

Does CDN help SEO? – CDN, Google, Page speed and ranking factors

Content Delivery Network (CDN )  is in talk for the last few years and it has got more attention when Matt Cutts of Google presented its importance during SMX West 2010 (Check Video: and how Google treats Page speed as an important criteria for search rankings. With and Without CDN   Last week we discussed some of the best practices for SEO in 2014, and I believe we can add “Setting up a CDN” as another good SEO practice too. Since site loading speed becomes a standard for search engine rankings, web masters have to consider ways to speed up website loading, and ...
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20Dec 2013

SEO Strategies to Focus on 2014

We expect new things to happen every new year. We also love to retain some of the best things happened to continue from the previous year. SEO isn’t an exception. In the every changing world of SEO, As you think about what you’re SEO strategies did for sales and transactions that took place on your business’ website, how effective were they in 2013?  Long tail Hummingbird – Creative Commons License Long tail Humming Bird  At the end of every year is the chance to reevaluate the success of your business marketing and readjust for the better, for more results, and for more desired outcomes. ...
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