10 Things you must know before doing SEO for your Site.

1. SEO is not a one-time process – Like your conventional marketing (Eg. Paper ad), you cannot stop SEO by paying one time, see results stop. Remember you have your online competitors working with another SEO team like what you do.
 2. You need to allow your SEO person to optimize content – The content and the keyword should be maintained proportionately. Your SEO team should know how to manage that. Help them to do what they are supposed to do with the content. 
3. SEO is online marketing, not a replacement of offline marketing. If you are already doing offline marketing (Eg. Paper advertisements), you need not stop it. You may still need to continue, till you get enough visitors and business through SEO.
4. Consider recommendations from your SEO team – Listen to what your SEO team asks for, trust them. They may suggest content changes, keyword changes, design changes, layout changes etc – they are certainly doing good for your business. 
5. Discuss and finalize the right keywords with your SEO consultant – You might be getting great traffic from the wrong audience with wrong keywords. So decide the right keywords first. Your SEO team will guide you to choose them and let you know about the keywords and its popularity.
6. Show interest towards and trust on SEO – Watch your site visitor analysis, spend time in understanding that along with your SEO team. Enjoy the improvements which will keep you move forward and help you to see great results. You must see the SEO reports regularly, if not at least once in a month.
7. Keep adding content – Find the right content, one way is sharing your experience to your site visitors and feed them with free resources. Think about it, every business has something to make their customers learning.
8. More the link building more the ROI – You need a link from other sites, if possible with sites which have better ranking than you. One way to bring links to your site is discussed in the last point.
9. No hurry! SEO is a long term process – Do not chase your SEO team immediately after you pay them – You need to be patient enough to see great things happening. 
10. Do not change the site without discussing with your SEO team – This is a big mistake which will spoil that has been done so far, and will bring great loss.

  • #1 is so true, what a great post. We are constantly reminding our clients of many of the items you’ve listed here.

    Great post. Thanks for reminding people that SEO is a process, just like all other marketing avenues… you build upon prior success and keep it going.

  • If only customers realised this – you can explain it a million times and they still think it will finished the second you start! Good post, cheers

  • I really pressed this helpful effort and after read these tips we can imagine for a nice site for us.

  • Really thanks for Such a nice information and i am always use this tips to my websites to improve my traffic…………thanks

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