Month: June 2008

Web2.0 Applications: Are they all making impact?

Its Web2.0 era, and many of us know how a web 2.o site would look like. We are also developing web 2.0 sites, especially Social networking sites, though we still have no clarity on Web2.0 impact in business. But everybody wants to make it. We get at least 2 requests per week for Social networking application development in Web 2.0 mash ups which are already aplenty in the market. Due to the recent popularity it received,  venture capitalists …

Adding your business details in Wikipedia

  Have you ever wondered how to get your business details published in Wikipedia? You might have tried it and found after few days or weeks the links and the content are thrown out. In the following YouTube Video Dr. Ralph F. Wilson interviews Mike Svatek about how to do this genuinely. It’s worth a watch – Mike shares some tips to get your content listed in Wikipedia, which will support your SEO. httpv://