Month: October 2008

Top 4 competitor tracking tools

Online competition tracking is not as easy as we all think and we don’t know when competitors make different alterations to their websites and fine-tune their keywords to gain top results. The most crucial phase and factor of SEO is competitor analysis, as staying ahead of the competitors is not an easy task. For that, we have various free competitor tools, which can help you track your competitor levels and also help you understand the competitiveness of your …

Social Bookmarking practices in simple steps

Here is a video I like about social bookmarking practices and thought of sharing for those who don’t like to spend more time in reading long articles about social Bookmarking and more interested in straight to the point. This video demonstrates how effective and easy social bookmarking practices are and comparatively you will know how much it is complicated when it’s been explained in texts as articles or blog posts 🙂 httpv://