A simple presentation on Cloud computing

Cloud computing” was a buzz word for me for a long time. It never attracted me after what I could understand from the two words mean to me – though some of the team members were working on it already. However, today I wanted to learn it, in fact, I was forced to learn its basic after a customer requested to set up a cloud computing. I found an interesting and detailed Video on Cloud computing.


It has been presented in an attractive way – at the end of it, I am sure, you will know the basics.

  • Its really a very good presentation, there is a saying a picture is worth more than 1000 words, this presentation just stands by this saying.

    good job and keep posting stuff like this.


    • Jaiyaram,

      Thanks for the appreciation. In fact its created by someone with create thoughts and hard work. I justed wanted to share this good piece of work to our visitors. I am glad that it helped you.

  • nandini

    hey,the video is too good…i cud understand the basics very well..um sure tat it ll help everyone who wants to know abt cloud computing…