Apple iPhone developer program registration

After a month’s time today we have completed our Apple iPhone developer program registration. We have three applications and a game to be tested for our clients and it’s a milestone to do the testing and certification for the application in house.

The process goes this way:

  1. Register and get an Apple ID
  2. Apply for the iPhone developer program and wait for them. It took 15 days for them to contact us back.
  3. Send your company incorporation to Apple with the registration ID by Fax. They provided 3 Fax numbers.
  4. After Faxing, I also sent them an Email. Received an acknowledgment the next day from Apple.
  5. Again, a waiting period, 8 days.
  6. I wrote them again.
  7. Got a call from Apple Hong Kong within an hour and then the agreement form by Email within another hour
  8. Sent the agreement to them (Just a click to agree). It took me to print a form to send the credit card details. Printed it, filled it up and sent by Fax.
  9. Next day, payment was processed, and we are allowed to access the iPhone developer portal.

Everyone says that it’s not easy to join the developer program. Actually its right partially, But Apple wants to allow only serious developers in. Their verification system is but time-consuming, and they really want to see if the developer is providing complete details. I like this verification system, which filters non-serious developers.

Ok, now why take all these steps?iPhone Developer Registeration

Here is the list of iPhone development program benefits.

  1. Develop and test it on the actual device (iPhone or iPod Touch) – You can only test the application in the simulator until you become a member.
  2. You can distribute your application or game through iTune store for free or for a price.
  3. Share your application with other iPhones (up to 50) for internal testing – called ad-hoc distribution
  4. Coupon code for your application reviewers

Overall, your application is reaching millions of iTunes store users, and you get a chance to reach them easily.

I believe now RIM is also working on a store like this ( to support Blackberry developers.

  • Thanks for sharing, I hope I can become Iphone developer too πŸ™‚

    • Surely you can. I wish you all the Best Dave.

  • Great Post…Keep them coming

  • Bastien

    This might seems a retarded question, but does it also means that without Apple developer Program i can’t try my own application on my own iPhone ?

  • Madhu

    I want to become a iPhone developer,and want to develop games from home with group of friends.But in step 3 you said “Send your company incorporation to Apple with the registration ID by Fax. They provided 3 Fax numbers.” Actually I dont have any company as such.As I told I want to develop games with friends

    can you please tell me how can I get this done???

    • We didn’t try to register as an individual developer – which you might want to try. Share your experience here if they ask or do not ask for company incorporation details. πŸ™‚ I believe they do not ask this for freelance developers. There are more than one Type of user registration that Apple provides.

  • Well I have been waiting for 6 weeks and I still haven’t received the form to fax them. Tried emailing a the 3 week mark and they were very abrupt and said they are doing it. Emailed last week (6 weeks) and they didn’t even bother replying to me. 8-<

  • pramod

    I would like to apply for standard programme, with my company name for the application developed instead of my personal name. What would be the process for this.

  • This is very useful, Thanks so much .
    I applied today but because I’m not from the States and my Country doesn’t have Online store i had to print the purchase form and fill it then fax it to the adc center, I’ll keep you in touch and share my experiment .

  • Wow, I sent the fax on Saurday and Today i got the activation code , Just 5 Daya , Thanks Apple

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  • Rehman

    if they want serious developers so how i will prove my seriousness.