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09Jul 2015

Great WordPress Plugins for every WordPress website (2015)

WordPress plugins

(Note: This blog was originally written 3 years ago, and we decided to update them once in a year from now on. I know there are people who hate plugins and there are another set, who love to explore plugins. )

WordPress is undeniably one of the most sought-after platforms for bloggers. It is enriched with loads of user-friendly and feature-rich applications that are second to none. Every user loves WordPress for its uniqueness, inclusiveness, and extendibility. Being an excellent open source community, it serves as a gateway for millions of bloggers and readers to share their knowledge and thoughts on a range of informative topics.

WordPress Plugins add more functionality and performance-boosting features to your WordPress powered blogs and keep readers glued to your content. Are you on the lookout for the most attractive WordPress Plugins? With thousands of plugins available, it can be so difficult and time-consuming to find a few good ones. Given below is a great compilation of 20 most impressive WordPress Plugins you should incorporate in your blogs to give your visitors an engaging blogging experience. Read on and check them out!

Better WP Security 

Your search for the most secured WordPress Plugin should end with Better WP Security. This first-rate plugin incorporates the finest WordPress security features and applications, thereby ensuring that even the most minute security loopholes in your blog site are patched up proficiently. It also detects hidden 404 page errors that can otherwise dent your SEO efforts and cause missing images, broken links and much more damage. With the one-click activation feature for most of its applications, this should be one plugin that you should integrate your WordPress powered blogs with.

Securing your WP Blog or Website is not a one time activity. It should be a part of maintaining them. Read how to convince your clients explaining the need for a WP site maintenance.

Yoast WordPress SEO 

If you are looking for an all-encompassing SEO WordPress Plugin then this is the right plugin for you. This comprehensive plugin includes snippet preview, image titles, page analysis functionalities, Meta descriptions, XML sitemaps with a string of optimization options at various stages of your streamlining processes. Hence, this plugin is a strong recommendation if you want to optimize your web pages and make it more all the more appealing for users.

Why Yoast? Why not some other plugin? Check the discussion from WP Beginner.


Monitoring all the comments on your blogs can be really time-consuming. And failing to detect spam content might attract your site a heavy penalty from search engines. Your restless search for a spam-free WordPress Plugin should end with Akismet. Just install this plugin and bid adieu to spammers. The latest version of Akismet highlights the links to make it so easy to distinguish between a good link and a broken or bad link. Available free for personal use, Akismet can be installed by default provided you have a WordPress API key.

Are there any FREE alternates to Akismat? Yes. Check this 5 from Wp Dev Shed.

Google Analytics for WordPress 

This top-notch WordPress Plugin from Google lets you track a huge amount of metadata on your site ranging from page views and category views by different visitors to 404 errors and a whole lot of other productive stuff at various stages of your optimization process. Besides empowering you to specify the required data for your site using custom variables, it also enables you to track a range of user activities including clicks per link, downloads per link, and much more.

WP Super Cache 

Page loading speed matters a lot for visitors. They aren’t going to think twice to leave a slow loading web page. WP Super Cache is a super-fast catching WordPress Plugin to speed up your web pages. It generates static html files of your blogs and speeds up the page loading time by several times while reducing the bandwidth considerably. If you want to give your users a faster blogging experience then this is the right plugin for you.

But, How this works? There is a discussion here that explains how WP Super Cache works.

FD Feedburner 

This plugin efficiently redirects the main feed and the comments feed to By using this plugin you don’t have to modify templates , .htaccess files or configure hidden feeds. This plugin seamlessly integrates all existing feeds and makes it transparent to the users. Just feed this plugin with your Feedburner URL and you are done!


Easy-to-use, this is the most elegant mobile WordPress plugin for your website. It transforms your WordPress powered blog site into an enticing application-like theme fully loaded with Ajax submissions providing stunning effects for the users when viewed from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. The application also enables readers to swap effortlessly between the WPtouch and the site’s default theme, giving your readers the perfect mobile blogging experience that they want.

Do you like to learn more about making your WordPress website responsive with few more interesting plugins? SE Journal has a write up which is a must check.


Get massive traffic from social bookmarking sites by integrating this social networking-friendly Widget to your WordPress enabled blog site. It allows readers to share your blogs with over 330 popular services at the click of a button. There can’t any easy way to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg and StumbleUpon. What’s more, this user-friendly plugin also makes it easy to share address bar in modern browsers with a small quick-to-load button.

Looking for an alternate? 1-click Retweet/Share/Like by LinksAlpha is one solution.

WordPress Backup 

As the name itself suggests, this popular WordPress Plugin effectively creates automated backups for your web content. Besides including the additional option of having the backups emailed to you, it is also one of the most easy-to-use plugins that don’t require any set-up installation. It works well on Linux and Windows even in a ‘low memory’ shared environment.

There are plenty of solution for backing up WordPress with plugins that helps to take backup as entire site including plugins, themes and database. All I recommend is to have at least one and make sure it works.

Disqus Comment System 

This is the mother of all comment systems. It efficiently replaces all the comments in your system with Disqus enabled comments thereby giving bloggers an even more engaging experience. Some of the enticing features of this plugin include threaded comments and responses, subscription to RSS feeds, automatic email notifications on the approval status, powerful spam filtering options, and easy-to-moderate admin tools.

Recently we found Disqus has issues in loading, and we decided to write them. They came to help and we found the issue is resolved.

Google Site Verification 

This is a cool plugin which makes it so easy to verify your blog with the world’s most popular search engine- Google, in just a couple of clicks! It relieves you the time-consuming process of copy-pasting tokens. It efficaciously gives you get access to a range of Google services in just a couple of clicks of the button!

This plugin makes the job easier, But you can even do it without this plugin, manually.

Contact Form 7 

With this simple but flexible WordPress Plugin, you can efficiently manage multiple contact forms, and customize the forms and your email contents seamlessly using an easy-to-use markup tool. This user-friendly WordPress plugin supports Ajax submissions and includes CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering and much more!

For a business website the solution that CF 7 offers is a mandatory solution unless you can write your own.

Optional, install them if you love exploring plugins :

WordPress Editorial Calendar 

This blog owner-friendly plugin is very different as it comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to edit your posts conveniently. Don’t worry if you have a post for Monday but couldn’t publish it as you had an extended weekend outing. This impressive plugin allows you to edit, manage and schedule your blog posts at your convenient time. Use the drag and drop menu to schedule your posts and check the status of your blogs when you are back!


Previously available only to WordPresss users, this powerful plugin turbo charges your WordPress enabled blogs with the super power of It generates simple but concise stats adding no extra burden on your server. This impressive plugin lets you add a wealth of media-rich content including popular sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Digg. What’s more, this plugin lets users share and like your blogs on their favorite social bookmarking sites at the click of a button! The Akismet powered contact forms kicks off any spammy content to the trash and keeps your blog completely spam-free.

Page Links To

This funky plugin lets you link your WordPress enabled blog to an external URL (rather than a WordPress URL) of your choice. Ultimately, it redirects users who look for your old URL to the new URL that you have linked. This could be really advantageous particularly when you want to set up easy-to-navigate links to the non-WordPress content of your site or to an external site. With this easy-to-use tool, even a newbie can effortlessly create a handmade menu that links to different posts, pages, categories and anything!

Limit Login Attempts 

Want to halt users multiple login attempts from the same IP or through browser generated cookies? If so, then this is the right plugin for you. As WordPress, by default, allows multiple logins either by means of the same login page or by sending unique cookies, this plugin should be an obvious choice to integrate your WordPress enabled blogs with. It makes it impossible for users to crack your passwords. Available in close to 20 language translations, this fully-customizable plugin expeditiously alerts users on multiple login attempts, retires and lockout page time.

Ultimate Security Checker 

This irresistible plugin identifies any kind of security threat to your WordPress enabled blogs. It effectually scans your blog and generates a reliable security grade based on your blog’s performance in the security test that involves hundreds of crucial issues. Why should you have plugins that aren’t updated for months when you have the Ultimate Security Checker that gets updated regularly? The one-click installation and automatic scanning features certainly saves you a lot of time.

There you go! Each of the aforementioned WordPress Plugins is unique in its own way. It certainly saves a lot of time for blog owners while giving bloggers the most interactive blogging experience that they want! Whether you are a newbie or an experienced blog owner these are some of the most impressive WordPress plugins that you can’t do without! So which is your favorite and why? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section given below.

If you think you have better plugins, evaluated and enjoying please share them in comments. I will include them when we revise this blog the next time.

05Sep 2013

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03Apr 2013

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20Jan 2012

Javascript frameworks that we like

We did an initial run on Javascript frameworks to establish the best framework which works for our required web application. To the layman, Javascript is a scripting language which is primarily used in web applications to provide enhanced browsing experience. Simplistically speaking, a Javascript framework is a prewritten compendium of Javascript features and methods which helps the developer to generate cross-browser compliant codes. Our analysis of Javascript frameworks focused on the following major framework forms: 1)      MooTools MooTools allows the user to write flexible and classic cross-browser codes through its well documented and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API). This is definitely not a ...
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30Apr 2010

4 site design validations you should do before you deliver

1. Validate HTML W3C provides HTML validations, which checks the validity of HTML, XHTML etc. 2. Validate your CSS You should use W3C’s CSS validator tool to validte your style sheets. 3. Validate site links Check broken links across the site with W3C’s Link checker tool 4. Cross browser compatibility Check the site on multiple browsers with this tool (You may not have a MAC, but you can you can test the site Mac Safari Even if its a simple static site, do them to make the site perfect. ...
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30Apr 2010

4 Things you should let your web development client know

Not all the web clients are tech or web savvies. Many times you should pave them their success path online. Here are few a list of 4 important things which you should let your client know, if they trust your web development skills. 1. Flash: When they ask for a fully flashed website, let them know the adversity it might make. By doing this you are helping them to establish the right online presence. Unless your client is Coca cola or Burger King ( I mean, :-), an establish brand), they will really want to establish better Visibility to the Search Engines.

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28Oct 2009

Four Frameworks to perform unit testing in PHP

Doing Unit testing is helps a team to produce quality application with in time by allowing the developer to test the code as soon as they write it. By developing a test document, developers are forced to do rigorous testing before it reaches to QA team. This way the span of life cycle is reduced by avoiding it going back and forth between the developer and the tester. The following few Frameworks help teams to do unit testing efficiently. This way unit testing could become a fun to your developers too. Four Frameworks to perform unit testing in PHP are 1. SimpleTest 2. ...
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21Oct 2009

4 SEO Tools you would have missed

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23Jul 2009

WordPress Ajax resources

1. Ajax powered WordPress Themes: Alisha provides a list of Ajax powered WordPress themes. You may want to try one or more.Some of them are good, Some are limted with one or two features like search. Some not found. But worth a look if you plan to use Ajax in your templates. 2. Ajaxed WordPress This is a WordPress plugin which addes power, usability and the beauty of AJAX to WordPress based blogs and WordPress based websites. The plugin improves the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential or the blog/site. 3. Ajax for WordPress plugin developers So how about writing your own ...
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10Mar 2009

Load and Stress testing – Tools reviewed!

Most of the performance issues occur because of high stress in server.  You should perform load testing to know how many concurrent visitors your site can serve perfectly. It is difficult to arrange without the help of a set of actual user. It is the proper way of using advanced automatic load and stress testing tools. Load Runner Load runner is the contribution of Hewlett-Packard to the software testing industry for analyzing the conduct and concert of the system by giving actual load to the system. Load runner can make the application feel the load of hundreds or thousands of real-time users ...
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