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05Sep 2013

4 PHP IDEs for Serious PHP Developers

Sitting in a performance work chair from Herman miller, a cup of Colombian Folgers’s coffee  with Apple MacBook Air – all these can make a programmer  enjoy an idle work place. But the comfort zone doesn’t just end up with this list. They all love to explore a nice IDE, where they do not have to invent any code syntax. An IDE is Integrated Development Environment, which is a coding/development tool where the programmer has to peek in all day long. It might either help them to do their jobs faster and efficient or make them sick and feel helpless. Over the years IDEs have evolved greatlt and many of them contain:

SublimeText IDE

SublimeText IDE

  1. A Source code text editor
  2. Automation tools, and
  3. In-built testing and debugging mechanism

Some of the popular ones go a step ahead and contain a default compiler and interpreter, thus reducing the need for developers to toggle between various applications to carry out different tasks. While IDEs have initially started out (e.g. Turbo Pascal), as a command based interface, most of the IDEs today are GUI based, thus lending a visually appealing development environment. IDEs for PHP Our developers love playing around with many IDEs and we have come across several IDEs for all types of programming and development needs. Some IDEs are best suited for a particular type of work, while others work best for a given programming language. The popular PHP scripting language too has its fair share of language specific IDEs.  Here, we list down 4 of the top IDEs that work very well for PHP   Best PHP IDEs

 1. SublimeText:- This is a lightweight editor that helps programmers do efficient and fast coding. Though it can be used for both web development and software development, many developers prefer it for its PHP scripting capabilities.   Some of the features offered by SublimeText includes:

  • Many occurrences of a variable or object name can be edited in one go by using the multiple cursorProvision of command palette to facilitate auto completion and accurate coding by accessing the entire PHP library of functions and commands
  • A unique ‘Go To Anything’ feature that helps bring up files quickly and navigate to any portion of tex
  • Ability to do batch edits for rapid development
  • Ability to customize the entire UI based on user preferences, including font face, type, color scheme and tabs preferences.
  • Plugins like SublimeLinter provides highlighted error codes and there are many other plugins empowers the IDE with extended features

2. Eclipse PHP IDE :- Eclipse is one of the very few open source development environment that strives to be a universal development scripting platform. It provides development support to languages such as C, C++, Perl, PHP and Python. For PHP development, we would first need to download the PHP development tools suite (Eclipse PDT) that provides a stack of plug-ins that add PHP functionalities to the framework and provides additional API’s. The biggest advantage of Eclipse is the ability of deep customization that allows one to override default settings with project level or personal preferences. Some of the other benefits include automatic code correction and completion, syntax highlighting, code templates and tabbed view to facilitate opening multiple files. One remarkable feature is the ability of the editor to identify and suggest the correct code completion mechanism for abbreviations. For example, typing IAE in the Eclipse window will return ‘InvalidArgumentException’ for our reference and use. 3. JetBrains PHP Storm : We feel that the JetBrains PHP is one of the more innovative PHP IDEs around. Its main USP is the easy integration of older and newer versions of PHP right up till PHP 5.4 so that both new projects and legacy projects can be handled through the same IDE framework. Some of the key beneficial features of JetBrains PHP Storm are:

  • Enhanced quality analysis by use of code arranger, code completer, PHPDoc support. These features help developers write clean, compact and easy to understand codes within the IDE.
  •  The new version 6.0 has enhanced the coding experience with many new features such as better re-factorings,  in-build REST client, dark color theme for a fresh look and better PHP namespace handling

4. NetBeans for PHP : This IDE framework is maintained by Oracle and supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It also provides us an editing and compiling environment for desktop, mobile and web applications using various languages such as C, C++, PHP and Java. For PHP, NetBeans provides customized support for various PHP enhancements such as binary notation for integers, array de-referencing and short array syntax. Some of the other crucial PHP features that are in-built into the framework are:

  1. The ability to define return parameters as array of objects (@return theClass[])
  2. Parameter tool tips
  3. Efficient project management that can clearly show files and folder structuring in a large project
  4. Syntax highlighting and code completion
  5. Smart method parameter pre-filling
  6. Capable of “Class::{expr}()” invocation.

There are new releases and version updates to existing PHP IDEs coming up every time. Apart from them, there are few other good IDEs too like BlueFish , Komodo etc we should do a careful selection on our individual development needs. For instance if light weight performance is a prerogative of a developer then SublimeText is the right way to go; if deep customization of the IDE as per project requirement is the need then Eclipse would be a better choice of IDE . Hence, make sure that you have a list of relevant needs to be fulfilled from an IDE, this will help you select the most apt IDE and thus help you in the overall PHP development process.

03Apr 2013

Responsive Web Design frameworks that we like and use – responsive web design framework review

Responsive web design becomes unavoidable, due to the rapid growth of tablets, smart phones and smart televisions with different screens; it’s no wonder responsive designing has gained the attention of web site owners. One website that could display well on every screen is an inevitable option, since it eliminates the tiresome job of creating web pages for each device independently. Responsive designing also facilitates user experience by way of ruling out links that should be selected based on user device and its display conditions. Having said that, we never fall behind the curve and our developers utilize a range of Responsive ...
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04Sep 2012

17 WordPress Plugins you must install immediately after setting up your site

WordPress is undeniably one of the most sought-after platforms for bloggers. It is enriched with loads of user-friendly and feature-rich applications that are second to none. Every user loves WordPress for its uniqueness, inclusiveness, and extendibility. Being an excellent open source community, it serves as a gateway for millions of bloggers and readers to share their knowledge and thoughts on a range of informative topics. WordPress Plugins add more functionality and performance-boosting features to your WordPress powered blogs and keep readers glued to your content. Are you on the lookout for the most attractive WordPress Plugins? With thousands of plugins available, ...
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20Jan 2012

Javascript frameworks that we like

We did an initial run on Javascript frameworks to establish the best framework which works for our required web application. To the layman, Javascript is a scripting language which is primarily used in web applications to provide enhanced browsing experience. Simplistically speaking, a Javascript framework is a prewritten compendium of Javascript features and methods which helps the developer to generate cross-browser compliant codes. Our analysis of Javascript frameworks focused on the following major framework forms: 1)      MooTools MooTools allows the user to write flexible and classic cross-browser codes through its well documented and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API). This is definitely not a ...
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30Apr 2010

4 site design validations you should do before you deliver

1. Validate HTML W3C provides HTML validations, which checks the validity of HTML, XHTML etc. 2. Validate your CSS You should use W3C’s CSS validator tool to validte your style sheets. 3. Validate site links Check broken links across the site with W3C’s Link checker tool 4. Cross browser compatibility Check the site on multiple browsers with this tool (You may not have a MAC, but you can you can test the site Mac Safari Even if its a simple static site, do them to make the site perfect.
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30Apr 2010

4 Things you should let your web development client know

Not all the web clients are tech or web savvies. Many times you should pave them their success path online. Here are few a list of 4 important things which you should let your client know, if they trust your web development skills. 1. Flash: When they ask for a fully flashed website, let them know the adversity it might make. By doing this you are helping them to establish the right online presence. Unless your client is Coca cola or Burger King ( I mean, :-), an establish brand), they will really want to establish better Visibility to the Search Engines.
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28Oct 2009

Four Frameworks to perform unit testing in PHP

Doing Unit testing is helps a team to produce quality application with in time by allowing the developer to test the code as soon as they write it. By developing a test document, developers are forced to do rigorous testing before it reaches to QA team. This way the span of life cycle is reduced by avoiding it going back and forth between the developer and the tester. The following few Frameworks help teams to do unit testing efficiently. This way unit testing could become a fun to your developers too. Four Frameworks to perform unit testing in PHP are 1. SimpleTest 2. ...
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21Oct 2009

4 SEO Tools you would have missed

Day-to-Day we see lot of SEO tools in web and many people would have missed useful SEO tools that are not marketed well. Here are four SEO tools that you would have missed and you would be interested to use. Keyword frequency analysis (single words, two and three words) The tool helps to pick top 10 keywords in-group of single, double and three word keyword phrases from title, Meta description, Meta keyword and ALT-attributes. This tool can be used to find competitors on-page optimization work related to keyword phrases tags. Search engine SPAM detector The tool analysis and finds whether a webpage has followed ...
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23Jul 2009

WordPress Ajax resources

1. Ajax powered WordPress Themes: Alisha provides a list of Ajax powered WordPress themes. You may want to try one or more.Some of them are good, Some are limted with one or two features like search. Some not found. But worth a look if you plan to use Ajax in your templates. 2. Ajaxed WordPress This is a WordPress plugin which addes power, usability and the beauty of AJAX to WordPress based blogs and WordPress based websites. The plugin improves the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential or the blog/site. 3. Ajax for WordPress plugin developers So how about writing your own ...
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10Mar 2009

Load and Stress testing – Tools reviewed!

Most of the performance issues occur because of high stress in server.  You should perform load testing to know how many concurrent visitors your site can serve perfectly. It is difficult to arrange without the help of a set of actual user. It is the proper way of using advanced automatic load and stress testing tools. Load Runner Load runner is the contribution of Hewlett-Packard to the software testing industry for analyzing the conduct and concert of the system by giving actual load to the system. Load runner can make the application feel the load of hundreds or thousands of real-time users ...
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