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08Jan 2014

How to keep up with Web technology? Overcoming the challenges with learning

It is a challenge for the Web developers always, since they need to read, practice and deliver all the time. You may say life if full of learning, and everyone has to learn. But, what you learn today becomes out dated within a year, or sometimes even within few months in web technology and this becomes a real challenge.

In this Presentation Chris Coyier is trying to arrive for a decent answer. We thought it should be shared in our blog too.

You can see Chris shared some useful links at the end, unfortunately, they aren’t clickable. But Don’t worry, we have given them below as links that you can enjoy.

CSS, HTML and Web programming resources: 


CSS Wizardry

Smashing Magazine



24 Ways



Web Platform

Individual who share their thoughts and learning:  

Paul Irish

Zoe Gillenwater

Jeremy Keith

Estelle Weyl

Nicolas Zakas

Ryan Seddon

Nicole Sullivan

Rebecca Murphey

Dave Rupert

Tab Atkins

Christian Heilman


Rails Casts

The Web Ahead

The Industry

Non Breaking Space

This Developer’s Life

The Big Web Show

The East Wing

Build Podcast


Tech Twitters: 

Elijah Manor

Lea Verou

Mike Taylor

Divya Manian

Ethan Marcotte

Ben Alman

David Walsh

Scott Jehl

Jeff Starr

Mat Marquis


Hakim El Hattab

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Cat The code


Not but not least:

@macronimous :-)

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22Nov 2013

Flat design + Less framework + WordPress = Our new responsive Blog design

After few years we had decided to give a new look and feel. As you aware 2013 was year of Responsive Web Design and we are no exception to this. So, RWD was in priority for the blog design. Why not applying new trends in our own blog ?  So, we added Flat design too. Tablet browser view Flat design: Design trends change over the years. Now, people like to get rid of curved edges, gradients, reflections or shadow effects. Sharp edges become a favorite, along with minimalism. If you like to start, you must first get inspired by some designs, take them as ...
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14Mar 2011

Help The Victims of Earthquake in Japan

We have decided to make a special post to call for support through the American RedCross society for the victims of Japan. Help The Victims of the 8.9 Earthquake in Japan by Spreading Awareness and Aid. Visit to donate and provide your generous support. God Bless. ...
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31Dec 2010

11 things we improved in 2010 for a better 2011

Like any other year for a web development company, 2010 went with lot of learning. Not even a single day left without the impact of technology advancements and new techniques to learn. At Macronimous, we always try to let our clients know what we learnt: jQuery/HTML 5 instead of Flash, Ajax driven forms, Mobile and Tablet interfaces for websites, Security for WordPress blogs & sites and social networking integration are some of the key considerations for improving the deliverables. Few things were challenging and few attempts didn’t turned up well. At the end of the year, it’s a summary of ...
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31Mar 2010

Frameworks we like: 4. Codeigniter, and Why?

Codeigniter is an open source web application framework for building dynamic websites with programming language PHP. Its main aim is to facilitate the developers to develop projects much faster than writing code from the scratch. If you are a developer who want to meet the clients’ deadline and tired of tediously large and painstakingly undocumented frameworks, Codeigniter is the way to go. When compared to other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter is often distinguished for its speed. CodeIgniter Now is the real time to know about the power of Codeigniter. So ignite yourself and initiate reading to know why you want to choose Codeigniter. ...
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31Mar 2010

PHP Best practices and worst mistakes

Months back, I made a post similar to this, But I believe another post emphasizing on the best practices is not considered bad. Working with PHP is something you enjoy everyday!. You always wanted to do your best to your clients. But when the deadlines are pressing and when the clients are on your shoulders people start doing messy codings, and the standards got ignored. But you practice the best ways of programming everyday, it becomes your style and you have no alternate choice of doing quick and dirty work. Here are some simple best practices discussed by Matthew Weier of Zend ...
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29Jan 2010

Mobile applications: Browser based or Native or Hybrid?

The blog discusses about the Mobile platforms forces mobile applications to be developed in various style - browser based, native and hybrid.

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25Nov 2009

Web application testing – 12 simple strategies for developers

We learn from the projects we do and time teaches us too. The following simple 12 rules for the developers are we learnt from the customers over a period of time. I hope they will help us to be better to the customers who teaches us, and improve the deliverables that justifies our experience. 1. Test, Test and Test your applications before you send it to QA team 2. Fix all the bugs which you find 3. Remember this: If you forget to include QA in the project schedule and swallow QA time by extending your development time, you are doing injustice to ...
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02Nov 2009

My Love Vault – Our new iPhone app. launched

We have our iPhone application successfully approved by apple and available in iTunes.  The application’s purpose is to bring different love tools under one roof. With our first version, we have included four different modules and we are planning to bring more features in our future releases. Our first tool is “Love Chart” where you can check the relationship you might have with your partner(s). Our Next tool is “Compatibility Chart” which helps a person to find their compatible, incompatible and neutral partners, using their moon sign. We believe this might help you in zeroing in on your mate. The next ...
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22Sep 2009

Why you shouldn’t duplicate website content?

What exactly do we mean by duplicate content? Websites with identical pages and websites identical to another website on the net is considered as content duplication. Writing a content for a website is entirely a different thing to normal writing. It involves plenty of creative ideas and more importantly it should contain related keywords which is most used by the visitor. Now let us see why you should avoid duplicating the content? First of all, copying the content brings down the understanding of the concept. If you start understanding, that is only how you grow. The scriptwriter should understand why something is ...
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