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06Aug 2014

How to find UDID of an iOS device instantly?

Find UDID in your iPhone or in iPad easily

App Developers require the UDID (Unique Device IDentifier) from their clients or team members in order to allow them to test the app in their devices. UDID is the Apple way of authorizing a device to install apps out of iTunes. This is required to development teams especially when multiple team members like to test the apps in their approved devices.

In order to approve a device to run an app, we need UDID.

Now, After iOS 7 Apple is not allowing  UDID to be accessed with all public APIs.

The quickest way to locate your UDID is by opening the website in your Safari iOS browser. With your quick acceptance for  installing  the OTA certificate, in no time you can see the DID, IMEI, and also the Serial Number of your iOS device  appearing within your browser window – Its just two clicks away. You can also scan  this QR code to locate the site.

QR Code to get UDID

But as a Mobile developer who repeatedly work on several apps, I know you would like to make your own app and distribute it among your devices. There is a detailed set of instruction at Stackoverflow.

23Jun 2014

What experts say about Responsive Web Design and why?

Why sites need to be responsive? Some industry pioneers talk about this.
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03Jun 2014

A superfast intro to iOS8 Developer SDK and How to start?

What is new in iOS 8 for Developers? 4000 new APIs and new ways to code for whole new set of smart apps.
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11Jun 2013

iOS 7 APIs and Frameworks for App developers – Quick review

iOS 7 : What is it to developers? –  iOS 7 APIs and Frameworks for App developers – Quick review Today on 10th June 2013, Apple made iOS 7 beta and Xcode 5 Developer Preview publically available for developers. The front UI changes doesn’t look like it has great transitions for daily users – many of these changes have been enjoyed by Android users already. But, there is a big leap forward in notification area, multitasking and messages etc.. However, app developers have a lot! New and enhanced set of APIs that will make you rejoice. Here is a quick walk through of what ...
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03Apr 2013

Responsive Web Design frameworks that we like and use – responsive web design framework review

Responsive web design becomes unavoidable, due to the rapid growth of tablets, smart phones and smart televisions with different screens; it’s no wonder responsive designing has gained the attention of web site owners. One website that could display well on every screen is an inevitable option, since it eliminates the tiresome job of creating web pages for each device independently. Responsive designing also facilitates user experience by way of ruling out links that should be selected based on user device and its display conditions. Having said that, we never fall behind the curve and our developers utilize a range of Responsive ...
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29Jan 2013

Getting started with PhoneGap development – What a developer needs?

Driven by smart phones, mobile and web based app development has gained momentum, though, for a novice, it is getting trickier day after day. With diverse gadgets accessing the web, developers across the world face challenges pertaining to multiple use cases like varied screen sizes, pixels, screen mode (landscape or portrait), user convenience, etc. Today, all of these need thorough consideration during an app development process since it is practically impossible to write codes on and on for every new device hitting the market. Here comes PhoneGap, an open source mobile development frame work to ease the process. PhoneGap takes advantage ...
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29May 2012

5 must do validation check for every website

If you are serious about your website, you can not just settle with what you see, remember your visitors are worldwide, and they use different screens to access your site – they use even their LCD TV, in 50 inches. The following are  must have validations that you should insist your web site developer to check. 1.W3C Markup Validation Service 2.FEED Validator 3.W3C CSS Validation Service 4. Link checker 5. Mobile compliance Believe this, its worth spending those extra hours and money. !
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14Dec 2011

Web design: To be responsive or not?

Did we ever anticipate mobile phones to battle computers? On the contrary, it is a well observed fact today. What it basically means is that with technology you should “expect the unexpected.”  Through innovative gadgets like tablet computers, smart phones, netpads, etc we can access websites anytime, anywhere as and when required.  As a result, responsive web designing is gaining momentum and web designers across the sphere have started to track and emphasize its importance. Responsive web designing in its simplest form is how your website adapts and responds according to user environment, namely his device and actions. Bearing this in ...
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19Jul 2010

iPhone SEO book launched.

Our popular E-Book Practical Search Engine optimization techniques is launched for the iPod Touch/iPhones. You can carry this simple iBook  in your iPhones and use it as quick reference. Its available at iTunes to download now.
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27Mar 2010

Getting started with iPhone application development

There  1.4 million free and paid applications already exists in the iTunes app store. Though this count is very high, there is still plenty of scope for more applications to be developed and it will only stop when we humans quench our thirst for creativity. More than a mobile phone, iPhone is looked upon as a lifestyle accessory, which is fun and exciting to use. The main strength of iPhone would be its retaining capability. Similar to most MAC users who would find it difficult to work in other platforms like Windows, most iPhone users will find it difficult to use ...
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