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24Aug 2015

6 Mobile Application Analytics to Track the Usage of your Mobile App

Mobile App Analytics

In today’s world, developing the perfect mobile app is not enough. You need to have the right measures in place so that you can track the progress of your app post release, make necessary decisions about follow-ups and updates, and remain informed about how well your app is doing in the market. Here are six great analytics tools you can use to keep a handle on the usage of your mobile app –



A paid analytics platform that is packed with features and used by many big names in the business, Localytics gives you a neat workspace where you can look at usage broken down by location, device type, carrier and even app version. Extra features include funnels, A/B testing, value tracking and support for in-app and push messaging for maximum penetration. The service works with all major mobile platforms and support native, hybrid and web-based apps.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

Formerly known as Flurry, this popular analytics platform is free and offers rudimentary analytics. You get detailed information on user acquisition, including data on demographics, audience persona, retention, session length and active users. While the service does not provide real-time analytics, the simple, clean and easy to use user interface has brought the service a large following over the years. The fact that it is a free tool adds further to its appeal.



Bringing you all the analytics data you need under one head, Liquid makes tracking your app usage a lot easier by offering multiple filtering and sorting options while also allowing you to keep a handle on user interactions and patterns of navigation. You can also use this service to send tailored push notifications and identify key areas in your target audience where you can convert more leads through promotions.

An excellent, feature-rich analytics tool for mobile apps which can be tailored to fit your particular needs. The intuitive interface gives you access to insight about important business areas like acquisition, revenue metrics and engagement. The in-built tunnel analysis feature lets you find new ways to improve the performance of your app. You can look at daily or weekly revisit rates to get a handle on user behavior patterns. There is also an intelligent cohort analyzer which predicts user investment into your app over time.


A powerful, new-age tool that gives you the option of classifying your user base intelligently into various pre-configured types according to their mobile activity. The system takes into account diverse factors like social habits, purchasing decisions and interest to create detailed profiles about users, enabling you to market your app in a more targeted fashion. Apart from this, there are the usual features like locations, age-wise break-up and funnels.
An advanced analytics tool, brings to you some very elaborate app analytics features. One of the most interesting features is screen recording, which lets you clearly see app interactions in the exact fashion like they occur. With detailed analytics, segmentation, crash reporting and push notification, this is a comprehensive analytics solution that can be of major help with tweaking and fine-tuning your app promotions and features.

With these utilities, it is possible for you to have an advantage when it comes to making your app better, more accessible and more attractive to your target market. Using these tools, you can constantly keep fine-tuning your strategies and plans and come up with new ideas to make the most of the immense potential that the huge mobile market has to offer. If you want to engage better with your target audience through your mobile app, use one of these tools and get measurable insights on your app’s performance.


14Aug 2015

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06Aug 2014

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11Jun 2013

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03Apr 2013

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29Jan 2013

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